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Adapt A Drop Shoulder Pullover (pattern and virtual workshops) Registration Only!

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The first "Let's Make Nice Things" knit-along with Adapt a Drop Shoulder Pullover for Any Body!  This will be a workshop that is all virtual and downloadable through Teachable.

Done correctly a drop shoulder pullover can be a nice thing.  Whether you are a knitter or a designer, join me to learn all that you need to know to Adapt a Drop Shoulder Pullover.  I think we all want to make nice things!

Let's Make Nice Things" Knit-Along with Adapt a Drop Shoulder Pullover for Any Body!

I want to start with a drop shoulder pullover to take advantage of the simple shape. After [Adapting A Drop Shoulder Pullover - to Let's Make Nice Things blog] we can move to garments with much stickier fit issues. This will be an 18-week knit-a-long with specific objectives:
  1. Adapt a Drop Shoulder Pullover to fit you.
  2. Introduce you to the Jill Wolcott Knits pattern format that guides you step-by-step.
  3. Find out how Jill Wolcott Knits pattern calculators can help you find proper fit.
  4. Teach measuring and demystify fit.
  5. Have fun!
  6. Get some hand-holding from me while gaining skills.
  7. Make a Drop Shoulder Pullover to fit.

How Will The Knit-Along Work?

Adapt a Drop Shoulder Pullover is not Available for purchase in full or payments until 2/8/2022 because I can't figure out how to do it!

Once your Registration Fee is paid, you will get access to any and all pre-February 15 downloads.
  1. Begins (virtually) on May 15 at 9 am Pacific Time (downloads and videos release).  Download the Course Outline. You will pay a $5 (non-refundable) fee to reserve your spot. Your Registration Fee will be credited toward your workshop fees.  
  2. The Drop Shoulder Pattern will release on May 30 at 9 am Pacific Time, after you have made a swatch, taken measurements, and made other decisions about your Drop Shoulder Pullover. You must purchase the Drop Shoulder Pattern for $25 to participate in the Knit-Along.
  3. Bring a friend and you can split the cost of the workshops ($80).  Each of you must pay the $5 registration fee and buy your own pattern.  The pattern is a written pattern in Missy and Lavish sizes, with a calculator to allow you to customize to your measurements.
  4. Course materials and videos are included in the $80 workshop fees.
Everything will be done via video, downloads, and Slack (plus in-person sessions set out below).  There will be weekly downloads and access to videos via Teachable (you will receive a course link).

You may get individual help by signing up on Teachable for a group session (schedule to come) or in an individual session.  There is an additional fee of $5 per group session or you can join them all for $15.  An individual session is $15 and you can sign up through Teachable at a time that works with our schedules. I will answer anything you want to ask me!

Sizes: Any size! We'll look at standard sizing, and help you create the perfect fit, or if you just want to make subtle tweaks, that is okay too!

Gauge: Nothing heavier than worsted yarn, so 4.5 stitches/inch max. We need to be able to fine-tune!

Needles: Size to work with your yarn. I'll give guidance.

Supplies: Usual knitting stuff. Also tape measure, pencil, and a spread sheet app.

Yarn: Anything worsted to fingering. Just remember that the finer the yarn, the more knitting, but the better for fine-tuning. DK or sport is probably my recommendation. You may need some assistance on some of the measurement taking, but I often measure myself.

As shown: See the sketches above. You will get larger versions!
You will get a PDF (61KB) file

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