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14-Session ASOG Fall Subscription*  

Get in on the last 2020 A System of Grading

*pay in 8 installments

A System of Grading - begins with a free ASOG Fall Webinar as an official introduction to the 14-Session A System of Grading course for grading knitwear.  Although I specifically speak to knitting, it is appropriate to crochet as well.  The ASOG Fall Subscription allows you to pay as-you-go.

Come to the ASOG Fall Webinar on 10/23/2020 at 10 am PST (use this to figure out your time) and see if my teaching style will work for you. The ASOG Fall Webinar is to help you decide whether the 14-session A System of Grading Course will meet your needs.

A System of Grading 2020

I learned grading in 1983 and have been honing my craft ever since.  Since learning to use a spread sheet I have discovered so many cool things.  Your opportunity to learn is my opportunity to teach a subject I love.  Sign up for the Read about my teaching here. Come to the A System of Grading here.  Check out KnitEcoChic's series of posts on her experience taking the course.

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What to Expect

Classes & Labs
  • To make this work in a shortened time period, only the initial three classes will be live.  All other classes are recorded and the recordings made available to you on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Recordings are private and you must have the link to access them.
  • Every Friday at 10 am PST (or other time as negotiated), I will hold a live lab session.  You can ask questions, have me redo things, and clarify.
  • Each class runs for an hour.  I do talk a lot, so if it needs to go longer, I will break it into a second recording.
  • In live sessions you will see my computer screen, and my face.  In recordings, you will see my face inset on the screen. I create pre-recorded classes on another platform so look slightly different than live classes.  Labs meet on GoToMeeting and are all recorded; only my screen is visible in the recordings

  • On registration you will be invited to a Slack channel where you can ask me questions, and which I monitor between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm Monday through Friday (sporadically on weekends).
  • Everything I am saying is familiar and understandable to me.  I am happy to go back over things in the lab, and even do a second recording if I get questions.
  • I recommend writing down your questions and giving them to me in Slack prior to the Labs. That will keep things efficient!  I will fill the time, but you can get specific help as needed.
  • All live sessions are recorded and they are available later in the day to participants only.
  • An outline for each session will be available for download when the recording becomes available via Slack.
  • Documents needed for the recordings are made available in Dropbox.  You have access to the documents and recordings throughout the course.
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* Cost is $840 for the ASOG Fall Subscription and includes Certification & Badge (value $100).  $840 payable in $105 installments, and includes certification.

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Prefer to pay all at once? A System of Grading 2020 FALL SESSION ALL IN!
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