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Suite for Solo Violin

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Performed by violinist Eva Szekely
The main conceptual idea of this piece is to present five states of awareness or levels of experience, which a person has during a period of personal growth.
The introduction: is improvisatory in nature, somewhat playful and dramatic but emotionally not very deep. There is an awareness of uneasiness under the surface and the need too look deeper within.
Introspection: is the beginning exploration of the inner self. If one is to understand where one is and what needs to be changed introspection is necessary.
Variation: is the first reaction which comes from introspection. Some new and expressive feelings are aroused but still contained in a format that is somewhat traditional and unchanging only varied slightly.
Limbo: is the experience of depression and the feeling of suspension in the growth process. This is really a clouding over of the true progress one has made.
Breakthrough: is the freedom and feeling of love and joy that comes from really letting go of the past and moving into a new way of thinking and experiencing life.
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