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Elevator Pitches That Don't Suck

Make your first impression a lasting impression.

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Networking was a Nightmare

I used to have anxiety attacks just thinking about going to networking events. Being in a room with other professional people often felt intimidating and awkward, and I didn't know what to do.

And even though I knew what I had to offer was valuable, I didn't have any confidence when it came to representing myself to potential clients, collaborators, or other community partners I needed to impress.

So I'd talk myself into going, pack my tote bag with business cards, and steel myself for whatever might happen.

The most dreadful moments were when I was asked to introduce myself.

Either in casual conversations or in more formal introductions during the meeting, I never knew quite what to say or how to say it, and I would be visibly nervous. People could see and hear me shaking.

And I hated making 'small talk'.

I would get it over with quickly and then retreat to the back wall or the refreshment table and wait for people to talk to me. After the meeting, I would go back to work or home and still have every business card I'd taken with me. I had an exceptional ability to fade into the background.

My networking wasn't working.

Franklin Taggart, a business, marketing, and life coach speaking at the 2021 Ordinary Extraordinary People Awards in Loveland, Colorado.

My A-ha Moment

After a long period of repeating the above scenario, I had a flash of insight.

I had never really learned the art of introducing myself. And all I had ever practiced was being nervous while meeting people.

So I committed for the next couple of years to become a master of the first contact, and I started to learn.

I experimented with different elevator pitch techniques and formulas. I tried positive thinking exercises. I meditated before meetings. And I watched every video, read every blog, and heard every podcast about every detail I needed to cram into a less-than-one-minute exchange.

The funny thing was that these tricks didn't do the trick. I felt even less confident than I had before. My intros felt forced, fake, and out of character for me.

I went back to square one and built my own process from beginning to end. I practiced and tweaked it until I started to get the results I wanted.

Practice led to progress which led to more success which led to much more enjoyment.

Franklin Taggart with Deanna Sloat from Loveland, Colorado Chamber of Commerce. Attending the BBB Torch Awards Luncheon.

This Changed Everything

I now look forward to introducing myself, and networking meetings have become a central channel for marketing my business. Here's what changed:

  • I shifted my focus to the other people in the room and what they need.
  • I created a valuable and repeatedly useful freebie to give away during the event.
  • I simplified my message.
  • I crafted an experience for the people in the room to remember.
  • And I invited them to see me before leaving the meeting.

The difference in results was astounding. People asked for my card and freebies, I filled my appointment calendar, and my sales and revenue grew steadily.

I'd like you to experience the same shift in your networking. In this course, I will teach you what I learned and give you a clear strategy to become a master of the first contact, starting with your elevator pitch.

With practice and mastery, you'll be able to:

  • Think strategically about how you need to introduce yourself.
  • Know exactly what to say at the right time.
  • Deliver a compelling message in a confident style.
  • Turn your introduction into a valuable and memorable experience.
  • Make stronger professional connections.
  • Experience new and more exciting levels of success.

You seriously have nothing to lose and everything to gain with your new networking abilities. See for yourself.

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Course curriculum

  • Elevator Pitches That Don't Suck
  • Rethinking Elevator Pitches
    • Rethinking Elevator Pitches
    • Elevator Pitch Quick Start
    • Death By Formula
  • Knowing Who You're Talking To
    • Talking to a Real Person About a Real Problem
    • Clarify Your Audience's Desire
    • Naming and Describing Their Obstacles
    • Build Empathy Through Shared Experiences
  • Associations, Offers, and Memory
    • Creating a Mental Connection Between You and Their Problem
    • If You Have Their Attention, Make An Offer
    • People Remember How You Made Them Feel
    • Save Your Name and Tag for Last
  • The Content of Your Pitch
    • Hook Attention and Build Curiosity With Your Opening Line
    • Choose Stronger Words
    • Say More With Less
    • Make It Interactive
  • What To Do Before They Leave
    • The Before-They-Leave-The-Room Call-To-Action
    • Let Your Leave Behind Take Care of the Future
    • Is It Working?
  • Adding to Your Bag of Tricks
    • Using Props
    • The One-Minute Demo
    • Fun and Games
    • Talk Triggers
    • Going Home With Them ** Includes IdeaBurst Session Link!
  • What's So Funny About Your Elevator Pitch?
    • Using Humor to Find Your People
    • Well, Isn't That Special
    • How to Recover When the Joke Flops
  • Strategy. Experience. Framework.
    • Your Elevator Pitch Strategy
    • Creating an Experience
    • Hook, Offer, Action
    • Great Elevator Pitches on the Fly
  • An Elevator Pitch for Every Occasion
    • Download this Pitch Example PDF
    • Elevator Pitch for an Email Opt-in
    • Elevator Pitch for an Upcoming Event
    • Elevator Pitch for a Specific Service
    • Elevator Pitch for a Product
    • Elevator Pitch for a Zoom Chat
  • Memorizing and Practicing
    • If You Can't Remember It, It's Too Long
    • The Feeling Is More Important Than the Content
    • Practice Speaking From Your Gut
    • Practice Speaking From the Role You Want People to Remember
    • Try It Out On a Kid
  • The Free Advice You Paid For
    • Bring Your Own Nametag
    • A Few Last Minute Tips
    • Pitch Doctor Sessions and an Appealing Bundle Offer