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Franklin Taggart is a career, business, and life coach for creative solopreneurs and freelancers. This is his Unconventional Life School web banner featuring background images of a microphone, laptop, camera, pen, and paper representing the creative industries Franklin's clients are involved in.

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Franklin Taggart Coaching, Your Own Best Company Podcast, Virtual Coffee Break, creative career, business, and marketing strategy for late bloomers.

This is Franklin

I love making things, and I love selling the things I make. I also enjoy teaching people how to make things and to find interesting ways to live and work.

My time is split between producing podcasts, videos, courses, books, digital products, and voiceover projects, and coaching a few people at a time as they find their next best steps, realize their creative dreams, and cultivate the lives they want.

I enjoy deep conversations on interesting topics, reading non-fiction during the day and a variety of fiction at night. I walk my Yorkie, Vinnie, at least twice a day, and I go to local metal concerts with my teenager. In the past year, my wife and I watched every episode of Poirot and Miss Marple, and we're about a third of the way through Midsomer Murders. British TV is superior in every way.

For now, I live in Northern Colorado. I'm working on building up my stamina for a senior citizen gap year in the UK and trying on digital nomadry for size. After that, who knows?

My wife has eclipsed me in expertise, notoriety and popularity. Her name is Monica Corrrado and I still can't believe she said yes.