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Kelly SLWC with Toe Spica Sexy Crutch Gimp Showing off Her Four Uncasted Toes

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A week back poor Kelly got her exposed big toe stepped on in her SLWC and now she is sporting a toes spica because of it. This time she's put a sexy heel on her pone good foot and has decided to gimp out with a couple of pals to protect her tender toes from it happening again. Walking in the SPICA is painful though and also awkward and she needs a crutch cane for balance. She loses her shoe on some stairs and fortunately there is someone there to retrieve it for her and put it back on. When she and her friends cross over the tracks closer to the main town, she finds a rail to rest on to soothe her aching toes (closeups, POV). Before continuing to the main town though after some more gimping they stop near a park where all three play around on the springy rides giving Kelly a chance to prop her casted foot up completely to rest it before they continue to gimp on. Kelly is always sexy and doubly in a heel and toe spica. (This directors cut is 2.5 minutes longer featuring more crutch gimping and toe show while sitting on railing).

TIME: 14 Mins

SIZE: 942 Mb


RESOLUTION: 1920x1080

DATE: 10/26/23 

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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