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If All Is Fair In Love and War: Six Ways To Maintain Military Strength In Love

Aren't you tired of getting your butt kicked in Love?  They don't call it the Battle of the Sexes for nothing!  It can leave even the smartest women pouring a glass of wine absolutely confused about what just happened.  Or what didn't happen, for that matter. "We had so much chemistry," she tells her girlfriends.  "Why hasn't he called back?  The longing for what she experienced with him makes it hard for her to shake it.  She checks her phone, making sure the volume isn't on mute.  She rehearses every detail of their interaction in hopes of uncovering what might have signaled his actions.  The not knowing worsens her discomfort until she has to call him. 

Is that normal?  Let's get some perspective.  First, you aren't wrong.  You did have chemistry.  Is it normal to go through such discomfort over someone you just met?  No.  It's common.  But it's a mistake that women make who don't understand how brain chemicals affect love. 

If All Is Fair In Love And War:  Six Ways to Maintain Military Strength In Love helps you to understand the affects of dopamine and oxytocin on love.  Many books have been written on the subject.  But the insights shared by Dr. John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus and a special guest speaker at my 2016 You Asked? Good Men Answered! Virtual Summit brought greater insight than I had ever read or heard.  He connected the dots in a way that made so much sense.  How I wish I knew this when I was younger.  It would have saved me a lot of pain.  

What you will learn in this book is:

  • When you are most vulnerable and when you are most powerful
  • How to determine if a man is worthy or not
  • What behaviors encourage a man to bond to you
  • How to stop chasing the dopamine high
  • What to do if your relationship feels like it needs a shot in the arm
  • How to be taken seriously by a man

and much much more romantic intelligence.  

If All Is Fair In Love And War: Six Ways to Maintain Military Strength In Love is not about a new tactic or how to incapacitate your opponent.  It's not about manipulating a man into giving you what you want.  It's about being powerful in your relationships.  It's about healthy relating between men and women.  It's about learning about your body so that you can work with it not against it.  

This is an easy read of 17 pages.  It will transform how you see yourself and help you maintain your balance in your relationships. It's a must read!


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