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Colours of the Soul: Girls from the Street Book 2 (ebook)

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She was born on the streets; he was born to rule…

Idella goes by one name only in the glamourous world of music. Her sultry voice mesmerizes millions, her albums have gone platinum, and her elusiveness is legendary. It is her other name, a code name that only a few people know, that drives her though—Dallas. She’s an assassin employed to eliminate some of the worst criminals in the world.


Sheikh Tarek Saif-Ad-Din understands that power and money can corrupt. It is his job to ensure the safety of his people, his country, and his royal family. After an attack leaves him near death, he swears he hears the voice of an ‘amirat khurafiat alsahra’—a desert fairy princess.


Helping a wounded prince was not part of the plan. Her mission was to eliminate the men trying to overthrow the royal family of Jawahir and prevent them from gaining control of the largest production of microchips in the world. The death of the two princes would be considered collateral damage in the larger picture. Yet—she can’t leave him.


In a dangerous dance between two identities, Idella must decide if she can trust Tarek enough to reveal who she really is—a singer, an assassin, and the woman who loves him. If she can’t, this mission may be final in more ways than one.

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