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Love jail hotel

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🐰Love jail hotel💗

💥It's Private world, You can't upload world as public

This World is only available buying on my Gumroad and Booth Shop. I've never sold it on any other site.

Please do not purchase or use other than my official Booths and Gumroad .It may contain viruses or malicious files.

You can use the latest version of the stabilized world file only if you buy it from my official shop.

This is a private collection special version world created for Exit H World fans.

Own the world and decorate for your lover 💓

(The link is at the end description)

  • Made from scratch by bebe carrot
  • Bed room/Wine small bar/Bath room/ Toilet
  • More than 40 types of furniture
  • More than 16 types of objects
  • Bake/light processing/ video/ toggle/ mirror
  • world size : 13 MB
  • PC only (No quest)



  • No upload world as public
  • Do not remove my credit (BEBE CARROT)
  • No edit modeling mesh
  • Use only for VRChat
  • No share , No resell
  • No commercial use
  • Do not use world to promote your model on gumroad or booth without credit
  • Purchasing means you are agreeing to License
  • Due to the nature of digital assets, the template is delivered as soon as you purchase it, so you cannot get a refund. so please purchase carefully


Special credit

video script by audio link

global toggle - inplanaria

SilVR Water Shader - Blake447

Tilted Drink Shader -phi16

shader - pooitoon shader



Love Jail Hotel world test sample world link

(There is no sample mark & pen in original version)

(Original version world shows objects all than sample version)

Exit H world link


World import tutorial link

Download list for world

1.SDK download

2.<UdonSharp_v0.20.3 >

3.PoiyomiToon shader

4.Dynamic bone shader(To use Heart whip object)

*But world still work without it

from.bebe carrot🥕


You will get a ZIP (149MB) file