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Browtiful Academy

Brought to you by Journey to Her LLC

Course Details:

I designed this course to be beginner and pro friendly. Whether you’re fresh out of cosmetic school or are interested in a refresher, this course includes a wide variety of information to boost your confidence with brow work.

This course Includes:

  • Downloadable supply list
  • In depth Brow Anatomy/Mapping
  • Henna Brow Application & Removal
  • Live Video Demonstrations/Talk throughs
  • Color theory tips
  • Marketing Strategies/Potential Income
  • And so much more!

Meet your Instructor

Hi Brow Boss! My name is Amara Nicole. I am a licensed Esthetician of 6+ years and have been in the beauty industry since 2014. I have a wide range of services that I am known for such as full body waxing, makeup application, etc but am most in love any and all Brow work! I was the official trainer at EWC for my full employment of 3-4 years and that’s where my love for teaching/training individuals a new skill began to grow. Patience is my second nature as I have two little of my own that are my biggest cheerleaders. I enjoy uplifting students, clients and fellow business partners all around me and can guarantee each course if filled with up to date knowledge, authenticity, and broken down to bridge any gaps! I love following your along with your journeys so please do not hesitate to share your work with me! :)

Browtiful by Journey to Her | ACADEMY