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Hunters In The Sky - Metric Edition

Book Two of The Rational Future Series! More incredible action, adventure, and fascinating developments as Tika and her crew gain power and go to space. The amazing answers to the mystery of the genetics conspiracy lead to astounding events! Enemies declare themselves and act to destroy Tika and everything she's built! Uses Metric (SI) measurement units.

New Professionally Published Edition! Features greatly improved cover art and graphics, a recurring character list, proofreading by six editors to eliminate every typo, and professional editing including chapter breaks.

This book deals with adult themes and sexual issues. This book is not recommended for those younger than 16. It deals with cultures that are far less sexually restrictive than our own, with far fewer sexual taboos, due to the elimination of sexual diseases, the replacement of patriarchy with gender equality, and the universal use of family planning and birth control. This book has been re-written to remove the most controversial material from previous editions, but those who are socially conservative will probably still be offended by this book.

This story contains graphic descriptions of intimate and deadly violence.

This series contains a strong message of hope; that we can solve all the great global problems of humanity and usher in a golden age, a utopia. The future society and culture presented in this series is partly based on bio-sociological engineering, which is itself based on bio-sociology as introduced and developed by professor Edward O. Wilson, and on the human zoology and sociobiology of Dr. Desmond Morris. But though this beautiful future is a big part of why so many readers love this series so much, that future is not what the story is about at all, it is merely the setting.

This is a story of growth and family, of action and adventure, of mystery and danger, and of striving for greatness while dealing with unique and difficult challenges.

Many of the readers of this science fiction series also loved this author's fantasy series. Even many who had never read or enjoyed fantasy before were so impressed with The Rational Future Series that they then tried The Nexus Of Kellaran Series, and loved it just as much. The Nexus of Kellaran Series; Blessings Of A Curse, The Fire And The Storm, and Chaos Of A Demon War are available now.

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