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Becoming a Fulltime RVer—A New Lifestyle

By RV Stuff - Ron Jones

I have been fulltiming for twelve years, that is, living and traveling fulltime in a motorhome. We have no other home. This is my newest eBook and is another perspective on becoming a fulltime RVer. While there is some minor overlap with my previous book entitled, “Fulltiming for New and Used RVers,” this new book also addresses the “why” of fulltiming. Here is one comment from a reviewer...

“For us, the overlap helped again to emphasize some points on fulltiming. There is also enough individual content in both books so that anyone reading both won't necessarily notice. I could compare it to reading sequels of a novel....the characters are the same and there are common threads or stories that carry throughout the various sequels, so, no, I don't think there is too much overlap at all. J.D.”

Plus, “Becoming a Fulltime RVer—A New Lifestyle” contains new information that is helpful and important with starting and maintaining a fulltime lifestyle. There are many, many reasons for doing this (financial, physical, educational, and emotional) but only a few for not fulltime RVing. The majority of those are emotional.

You will learn...

  • What type of fulltimer you are

  • Why you would live like this
  • How do you live in an RV
  • How do you deal with traveling all the time.
  • Where can you go in an RV
  • Where can you stay in an RV
  • Do you ever see friends or family
  • The cost of living in an RV
  • What to do in emergencies
  • Living “Green”
  • When do you stop

Plus, there are many other topics specifically focusing on making your transition easier, your life better, and without spending extra money.

About this Book

RVing is a wonderful lifestyle. There are so many advantages to this lifestyle you simply can’t name them all. For us, it is the freedom to travel. We love to see things, visit new places, learn something new, talk to new people, and just enjoy that next place— as much as we did the last place.

If retired, the RVing lifestyle is phenomenal because of its low cost. It is significantly less expensive than owning and living in a house. So when we all reach that “fixed income” portion of life, you can live “better” in the RVing lifestyle than you can with any other method.

What do you lose? Some space. What do you gain? A different lifestyle with the ability to visit the infinite number of wonderful places across North America (and other continents, too, if you so desire). If you are not one of those people who thoroughly enjoy seeing new sights and delight in new discoveries, then stay home. Doing so will make more room for those of us that do enjoy it.

It is not my purpose here to try to talk you into living fulltime in an RV—not at all. However, at our seminars, the many e-mails we get, and just normal conversations, we have been asked many, many times about how it is to live and travel fulltime in an RV. Couples, both young and those nearing or just retired, are searching for an alternative lifestyle. RVing is certainly one viable option.

Also, I’ve sprinkled a few unique photos throughout the book for your enjoyment. They don’t necessarily relate to the content but are just for fun. Enjoy!

My other book was about “How” you get ready and start fulltiming and this book is more about “Why” you would choose to fulltime. No, I didn’t just run out of something to say here but any overlapping content was appropriate for both books.


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