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Why Borders?

Unlock the secret to taking your crochet creations from ordinary to extraordinary with our course,

"6 Unique and Beautiful Crochet Border Patterns."

Why settle for plain edges when you can elevate your

projects with stunning borders?

These borders not only add visual appeal but also

serve practical purposes.

Let your creativity fly!

Do you know what's awesome?

By learning these amazing border patterns, you'll discover how to reinforce the edges of your crochet work, giving it the stability it deserves. No more worries about stretching or unraveling!

But wait, there's more! These borders also add a touch of sophistication, giving your projects that polished and professional finish you've always dreamed of.

It's time to let your creativity soar and transform your crochet pieces into true works of art.

Don't miss out on this magical journey! Enroll now and get ready to experience the wonders of crochet borders firsthand.

Sandra Regev - Sandra Stitches

Hi! I am Sandra

A crochet designer who loves to teach and is mad about simple, easy creative ways to make your crochet projects shine!

Join me on this ride!


What people are saying

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“Have you ever worked really hard to complete a project and when you finished it, you felt like it still needed something?  Crocheted borders or edgings are a wonderful way to change an ordinary project into something spectacular.  Sandra has put together a series of videos to teach some basic but beautiful borders to help showcase your lovely creations.  The videos are short but packed with information as she takes you through each one step by step. The visuals are clear and easy to follow. Borders are one of the easiest ways to dramatically impact your work.  A simple border can just pull everything together and give it that extra loving touch.  I very much recommend these videos.  There is something for both beginner and seasoned crocheters.”

— Deborah

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“Excellent videos that demonstrate various borders you can create to finish your projects. Sandra explains the steps well and makes it easy to follow along as she creates each border.”  

— Nancy

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““ have enclosed my samples of the 6 video border tutorials.

I found them very easy to do as Sandra’s instructions were very clear to follow. I think these borders would be perfect for any project you were making.

I personally had a bit of confusion with the bobble stitch border but once I followed the instructions slowly, it was easier and was successful.

I must say the videos were very well done and look forward for more.

Thank you, Sandra! .”

— Barbara

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A Touch of Elegance

You'll learn how to reinforce the edges of your crochet work, ensuring stability and durability. But that's just the beginning! These borders will also add a touch of elegance and give your projects a polished, professional finish.

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