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About Me

I am Sandra also known as Sandra Stitches an Hr and Mental Health rehabilitation facilitator turned into a Crazy Crochet girl!

Live in Beautiful Haifa Israel, Mom of three amazing ladies, and Grandma of my little man!

Love easy and unique crochet designs with You in mind! No matter your age, skill level, or size…. You can find a crochet project that suits you here.

I know how it feels when the Top does not fit, or the pattern is too complicated, you get lost and discouraged, you feel down and put your work aside.

Well I want you to get back on your crocheting with joy and calmness, stress-free, and a sense of achievement.

My patterns reflect that! If it is for gifting, donating or selling it is all OK.

Have fun and always remember, Stay Calm and Crochet! 🧡🧡🧡

Xoxo, Sandra