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Unholy Womb and Other Halloween Stories

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Legend has it that on October 31 the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thin and things that are bound in one realm or the other are allowed to pass between the two worlds. Children and devils roam the earth looking for treats or offering tricks. It is a cool, crisp, special time of the year. A time of change. A time for stories.

"Unholy Womb" is the story of a young boy who finds more than he expects when he goes to carve his Halloween jack-o-lantern. In "The Halloween Feast" a man gets the opportunity to be reunited with his dead wife and daughter. Revenge is the theme in "SKN-3", a grisly story about an angry doctor out for a trophy. "Hungry is the Night" tells the tale of what happens when an ancient evil seeps out of an old well and engulfs a small town. In "Scream of Humanity" a pioneer doctor learns there may be something to those old wives' tales about child birth.

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