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The "Plan A" Diet Transition Course

You have MUCH more control over your weight and health issues than you ever thought possible!

Discover how a whole food, plant-based nutrition program will take you from frustration to freedom - without ever dieting again!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You've lost weight on past diet plans, only to gain it all back

  • You're overwhelmed and unsure of starting yet another program

  • You're horrified when you see yourself in a photograph

  • You're stressed or feeling helpless about your declining health

  • You're fatigued and have no (low) energy

  • You're discouraged nd don't know what's sabotaging your efforts

  • You're embarrassed by the clothes you're buying

  • Food obsessions and cravings are ruling your life

  • Trust me when I say YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

If you're in this boat...'s probably not your fault! Because diet plans which ask you to restrict food, count calories or points, decrease portion sizes, or rely on willpower leave you feeling hungry and frustrated....and who wants that?

Typical fad diets set you up for failure; they're not sustainable for the long-haul, nor do they address the root cause of your health problems. When you return to normal eating patterns, it's not surprising that the excess weight and health issues return.

Mainstream diet plans FAIL you in many ways...

Losing weight permanently does NOT mean eating smaller portions of the same unhealthy foods.

Mainstream diets promote foods which are high in calorie density and don't satisfy your hunger! Such plans keep you trapped in a never-ending struggle.

Typical diets have a long-term success rate around 3%. That's DISMAL, to say the least! We can do much better.

Diets which restrict complex carbohydrates (potatoes, beans, rice, corn, whole grains) set you up for constipation, fatigue, muscle aches, and more.

Today's high-protein, high-fat diets offer temporary weight loss at the expense of your precious health! Let's focus on both weight loss AND health improvement.

Can I Really Change?

YES! With a firm decision and guidance!

Do unhealthy habits make it difficult for you to consider a diet change? Maybe you're an emotioanl eater who turns to food for comfort or distraction.

You may be physically addicted to one or many foods, or perhaps your family won't support your efforts. Understanding your barriers and taking action to address them is the key to becoming the lean, healthy person you desire to be.

Just ask Amanda (photo on right). Even as a busy teacher, she lost 115 pounds and cleared up her gut issues.

Why Go Plant-Based?

Because it's the healthiest diet on the planet.

Today's unbiased research continually confirms that a whole food, plant-based diet (different than a vegan diet) is the ideal food for human consumption.

In fact, it's the only way of eating proven capable of reversing our #1 killer, heart disease. That alone should be worthy of our attention!

Following this plan allows you to reap the incredible benefits that come from living in harmony with your design: permanent weight loss, improved mobility, increased energy, clearer thinking, and relief or reversal of today's chronic conditions.

Why "manage" disease when you can most likely get rid of it?

But Why This Course?


The materials presented in the course are based upon credible, independent research which is not funded by food industries, pharmaceutical companies, supplement makers, or any other group who stands to profit from the research results. 

Personal Support

Based on which plan you choose, you'll always have personal support from me - either through email, the Facebook group, or our scheduled coaching calls. I'm here to support you and help you get over the hurdles! You won't be on your own!

Group Support

Participating in our private Facebook group is highly encouraged! There you'll be able to connect, ask questions, and share advice. If you're not on social media, you can contact me by email (or schedule a personal phone chat, depending on the plan you choose).

No Deprivation!

The strategies outlined in this course do NOT rely on calorie counting, food restriction, or deprivation of any kind. You'll eat delicious foods whenever you're hungry, and stop when you're comfortably full.

The Foods are Delicious

Concerned that this is a bland diet of lettuce and celery? Nope! The variety of recipes are flavorful and satisfying! Think lasagna, sloppy joes, burgers, burritos, pastas, potatoes, stuffed peppers, and banana splits!

Not a Quick Fix

Typical diet plans are quick fixes which don't work. Whether you jump in with both feet or transition over the 6-week period, this course provides the teachings and skills you'll need for a complete dietary change going forward.

Optional Scriptural Support

An optional, faith-based lesson (which includes biblical principles, scripture references, and prayer) has been included at the end of each module. These optional lessons serve to support those in the faith, or anyone who happens to be interested.

30-Day Risk Free

There's basically NO risk involved. If you decide this course isn't for you - for whatever reason - just email me within 30 days for a full refund and we'll part as friends. Seriously!

The Biggest Reason

YOU! are the biggest reason to take this course. You'll get your weight under control, feel better than you have in years, and be optimistic about your future. You'll regain your self-esteem, be at peace with with your body image, and feel GOOD in your clothes again. 

AND you get all of this while truly enjoying your food! Life is short. Invest in yourself.

You'll be Helped by This Course....

EVEN IF you've never heard of whole food, plant-based eating. Lots of easy recipes are included for beginners.

EVEN IF you're genetically predisposed for some disease. Genes are responsible for only about 3% of health outcomes; your diet and lifestyle choices are by far the biggest determinants. Genetics may load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger!

EVEN IF you're already eating some type of plant-based diet. Enhancing your skills or taking your eating habits to the next level will be of benefit!

EVEN IF you're not sure about going 100% plant-based. ALL change is a step in the right direction, and the more plant foods you consume, the better.

EVEN IF you've failed at every diet out there. This is NOT a diet, but rather a pattern of eating to be embraced for the long-haul.

EVEN IF your health issues seem too far gone. Giving your body the best dietary environment to heal is even more crucial for you.

EVEN IF your family won't get on board. Whether or not the family joins in, this course is about YOU. I know many 'divided' families who make it work, and you can too. The course provides guidance on this very topic.

EVEN IF the thought of making such a big change is overwhelming. The course is based on a gradual transition process, plus you'll have lots of support.

Meet Your Instructor

Cyd Notter is a graduate of the Center for Nutrition Studies and a certified instructor for several dietary therapy courses, including The Starch Solution, Food Over Medicine, and Women’s Health. She offers a variety of health and cooking classes, provides nutritional coaching, speaks to local groups, and has worked with school district employees and a hospital’s fitness center.

Cyd is a past newspaper columnist and also the founder and author of The “Plan A” DietCombining Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition with the Timeless Wisdom of Scripture, a book which earned a 2020 Book Excellence Award.

A message from Cyd


Course curriculum

Click the drop-down menus to see what you're going to learn...

My Promise to You

I wish I could guarantee your success, my friend, but that ultimately depends on you. I can't complete your assignments or choose which foods enter your mouth. But what I can promise is this: I'm in your corner and 100% committed to your transition! 

I'll do my very best to guide and support you, because nothing would make me happier than to hear YOUR success story of a healthier, happier life. I KNOW it's available for you, and you believe it too or you wouldn't be interested in this course. If you follow the outlined recommendations and complete the assignments, you're going to see great improvement! Let's do this together. I'm cheering you on!

Before You Enroll

You are STRONGLY encouraged to watch my free webinar before enrolling or contacting me with questions. I love to help people get over their dietary mountains, especially those who are finally ready to make a commitment to their health.

If that describes you, let's hop on a free 45-minute strategy call where we'll discuss your current problems and we'll BOTH determine if we're a good fit to partner together (don't worry, it's not a sales call. There's absolutely NO pressure.)

Details on how to schedule a call are spelled out in the free webinar.

HAVING SAID THAT, the 45-minute call isn't mandatory. If you're truly ready to jump in now, by all means go for it!

What others are saying...

"The transformation to a WFPB diet has not only helped me lose weight, it has also diminished an autoimmune disorder I have called Hailey and Hailey disease - a rare skin disorder that causes the dermis to blister, become infected, form lesions, and cause topical yeast infections. My dermatologist is amazed that my disease has become dormant. I attribute all of this to my new lifestyle of plant-based eating!"

— Linda Z.

"I used to take 8 meds. I lost some weight on Atkins and thought I was doing okay. I was diagnosed with heart disease and already had a stent. One day I noticed my skin turning yellow. I discovered I was stressing my liver to the point of failing with the high protein diet. This way of eating has cured me of reactive hypoglycemia, plantar fasciitis, hypertension, high cholesterol, severe arthritis, obesity, and fatigue. I am living proof of what a plant-based diet can do for your health."

— Tim P.

"By my 45th birthday, I tipped the scales at 355 lbs. and was still gaining. I was diagnosed with hypertension, sleep apnea, plantar fasciitis, and type 2 diabetes. Two weeks after starting a WFPB diet, my foot pain just stopped; by week four, I had stopped taking my blood pressure and diabetic meds (Note: I was constantly monitoring myself). After 18 weeks on a 100% WFPB plan, the doctor told me there was no doubt in his mind I had CURED myself of all my ailments."

— Doug M.

"I knew after researching how fat affects the brain that I wanted to do everything in my power to follow a WFPB diet to possibly fend off the development of dementia, which runs in my family. I've always been an energetic woman, I'm able to keep up with my grandkids and do everything I want to do (except zip-lining). I work out three times a week and walk four days a week. My blood work is stellar and I've noticed an improvement in my cognitive function. I strive to leave a WFPB legacy."

— Olga A.

"In February 2010, a chance screening at a local church changed my life forever when an ultrasound revealed a 90% blockage of my right carotid artery. My physicians referred to me as a mystery. Having never smoked a cigarette in my 55 years of life, I maintained perfect "numbers." A seasoned half-marathoner, I consumed what I believed to be an incredibly healthy diet. Despite all of this, I found myself being wheeled into surgery. At my post-op evaluation one year later, an ultrasound indicated the blockage had worsened to about 60%. What more could I do? I had only one card left to play, for I was already the model patient. I took the plunge into the world of a plant-based, whole food diet. And I haven't looked back. After one year on the diet, regression (reversal) of the blockage continued and my physician endorsed my decision to pursue management of my disease with diet only. During all this time I felt fabulous and had the energy to fuel my distance running."

— Cindi R.

"I have always been thin and thought I could eat whatever I want. I took Motrin at least twice a week for neck pain that led to headaches. I suffered from an overactive thyroid issue, colds and flu that took me down, and was afflicted with pneumonia once. I accepted these ailments as a general part of "getting older." I jumped in and changed my diet to whole plant-based foods. Quickly, I observed that my mood and sense of well-being leveled out. I had considerably fewer aches and pains and rarely reached for the pain medication. I have more energy, feel much better, and have far fewer colds and bouts with the flu (with quick recovery and fewer symptoms)."

— Kim C.

What's the Investment?

If you're finally ready to change the trajectory of your life....

You have five options (Option #5 is for coaching only and does not include the course)

Option #1: Self-Guided Program. This life-changing course, which includes the six (6) Transition Modules, additional support through our Private Facebook Group, plus lifetime access to the materials (including updates), is offered for only $299. That's less than the price for two nights at a decent hotel.

Option #2: One-Month Package. Includes everything listed in Option 1, plus four (4) personal, 30-minute coaching sessions which you schedule at your convenience. We'll come up with a plan (suited to your specific lifestyle) in order to overcome your hurdles, build your confidence, and finally achieve your goals. The One-Month Package is $399.

Option #3: Three-Month Package. Includes everything listed in Option 1, plus extra personal support for three full months. You'll benefit from nine (9) total, 30-minute personal coaching sessions which you schedule at your convenience. In addition to the continued coaching to help you stay motivated and on track with what you've learned, you'll also have unlimited email support from me personally for three months. The investment for the Three-Month package is $999.

Option #4: Six-Month Package. Includes everything listed in Option 1, plus crucial long-term, personal support for SIX full months. You'll receive eighteen (18) total 30-minute coaching sessions which you schedule as you wish. This extra coaching will help solidify your new lifestyle and help overcome any lingering hurdles so that you'll stay on track for the long haul. Unlimited email support is also included for six months.

The Six-Month Package, which is the BEST deal not only financially but also to ensure your long-term success, is a $1799 investment in the future you've been striving for.

Option #5: Coaching Only (course is not included). We'll work together to come up with a plan suited for your specific eating habits, your biggest struggles, the amount of accountability you're looking for, and the goals you'd like to achieve. One month of four (4) 30-minute coaching sessions is $140. There isn't a "set" schedule; you book the calls as you feel led, depending on your progress or any struggles you might be facing.

Please contact me to enroll in any option:

As stated above, it's highly recommended that you watch my free webinar before enrolling. Click the button below or go to


Upon completion of the course, I'll be happy to send you a signed copy of my award-winning book, The "Plan A" Diet: Combining Whole Food, Plant-based Nutrition with the Timeless Wisdom of Scripture."

You'll be asked to provide the address where to send it, and also how you'd like the book signed. :)

Still not sure? You're at a crossroads moment here.

Consider what you've already tried to accomplish regarding your weight and health issues, including the failed diet plans which didn't work. 

Next consider the high cost of doing nothing. Where will you be in 6 months? In a year? Still struggling with the same issues (or worse)? 

Imagine if you never had to worry about those problems again. Envision a different future for yourself, one where there's no more dieting and you're living in a happy, healthy body. 

Please don't settle for the status quo! You have the opportunity to change the course of your life. Let this be the time you choose action, because life doesn't get better by chance; it gets better by change. 

Please email me to enroll or if you have any questions:

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