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How to Cheat on College Papers & Test

By Vaughn Anderson

I am giving you new methods NEVER SEEN BEFORE on YouTube on how to cheat on an exam without having a second party involved to give you the answers. I know this works because I once had a professor that chose to sit next to me during the test and then turned and faced his desk right at me so he was staring dead at me from the side and I still cheated!
I show you how to tweak my basic method to fit your personality and work for you.
I will teach you how to cheat without having a second party involved
A kid also paid me $40 bucks to teach him this. This is to valuable for me to just give it to everyone on YouTube. If I did I would get millions of views and national scholastic laws would be changed faster than us students would like.

I've made the Deans List, and was even entered into an Honors Fraternity without ever studying for test.
25 pgs. w/pictures
step by step procedure
Table Of Contents
How to Plagiarise and Not Get Caught
How to Cheat on a Test The Cheap Way
How to Find your Teachers weaknesses
How to Cheat on Test the High Tech way $$!

Only a matter of time before teachers catch on
So don't miss this window of opportunity.
The methods I will teach in How to Cheat in College can be applied to any test.
Teachers and students are not aware of new technology that can be used for cheating.
I will show you how to make your own cheating device (Super Easy) That works for You
This has not been SEEN BEFORE on You Tube this is so exclusive!
Teachers are not onto this. Take test outside of school.
Forget the writing on rubber bands and little peaces of paper, and water bottles. Get with the new way of doing things. I decided not to put this on YouTube to help out all you people out there.
Ill show you how to remain concealed and have your cheat devices completely invisible to on looking eyes
Get a hold of this information before your teacher does

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