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Vengeance & Remission (mobi)

By Anna Brakoniecka

It is a story about a Roman soldier, Marcus Lucius, son of the great warrior Maximus, who protects his friends (Appius, Octavian) and falls in love in Julia Fabia, while he is on the way to revenge his killed wife, Decima. It's a story with many risky actions, intrigues and it's about friendship, loyalty and of course love. It's set in the times of the emperor Hadrian.


I liked that it wasn’t just a love story. I loved the friendship issues: friendship between lovers (Marcus Lucius and Decima, Marcus Lucius and Julia, friendship between men, different kinds of relationships between people (among all Julia Nerva, Julia Appius, Julia Octavian, emperor Hadrian Appius, emperor Hadrian Pompeius, Appius Maxentius, Julia Maxentius, Pompeius Marcus Lucius.

There is Nerva, who is like brother to Marcus Lucius and to Julia Fabia, but it wasn’t that way from the very beginning. There is Octavian, who acts like the older brother sometimes, but then, he steps back. There is Appius, who could be father to Marcus Lucius, but who acts like an adult friend. Then again Appius was the best friend of Marcus Lucius’s father. Comparing how the friendship between Marcus Lucius and Nerva developed and how Appius and Maximus developed was interesting. Then again you have the struggles and decisions of what is more important: loyalty to your friends or people you care or loyalty to the state and your boss (the emperor and empire in that you believe in as a good soldier). I think it’s a kind of similar struggle that we can experience today.

I also liked the landscapes and English issues. The descriptions were stunning. Lovely langauge and still simple.


I loved that she took every struggle to protect her friends and that she listened to her heart. It was totally sweet, even though she made me nervous at times. The characters were fabulous, quirky, fun, and totally realistic people tha could live at that time. This book was about straight characters, learning to do life as grownups. They’re not perfect and make mistakes, they don’t always trust each other, but they learn how to rely on proper people. It was refreshing. I read it in one night. I love it, love it, love it.


This was a story about a man, who fell in love twice, but who apparently loved just once. It was interesting to follow how his feelings developed from a fascination and memories about his wife and the time spent with the new woman in his life. It was fascinating to read, but i didn’t get the point when he really was sure about his strong feelings for Julia Fabia. I think she was simply destination of Marcus Lucius, but I am not sure if Marcus Lucius would fall in love for her so quickly, if she would look differently.


This was a sweet story about a young woman that stays true to her heart and tries to be strong in the men’s world. She doesn’t always know what she wants, because she isn’t certain what her future looks like or when the consequences of her actions should happen. She conveys good feelings to her surrounding and she has to chose with purpose which way she follows. She definitely doesn’t suit to the scheme of a woman that lives in the Ancient Rome. She doesn’t plan intrigues, but she has to escape from some intrigues. I liked the scene when she meets the cruel pimp, when Nerva didn’t explain her how dangerous the situation really was.

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