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An Extensive Guide On Making Your Gi Company

There are a growing number of BJJ enthusiasts who also hope to have their own brand one day. Unfortunately, not every brand is going to reach commercial success. There are brands that will most likely just fade into obscurity.

You may have read my previous articles, simplifying the process on how to make your own gi company. Yes, I’ve been able to help academies and different brands start their own brand. Now, given the complex nature of the market, starting your very own gi company is now more complicated than ever!

Though not a single brand would admit that they are losing money, but in reality, things are a bit different. This is why you often times see small brands run dry on their inventory or even call it quits.

My goal for this e-book is to educate entrepreneurs who believe that they have what it takes to become a brand owner.

 By the time that you are done reading this ebook, you’ll be able to understand the following about the gi industry:

Chapter 1: Do you have what it takes?  We’ll break down the most common reasons why people love making their own shit. Yes, once and for all, what makes the gi business so attractive even to those who don’t have any background in textile?

Chapter 2: Branding. Finding the identity of your brand can be challenging. How exactly do you separate your brand from the rest of the gi companies that have established themselves in the niche?

Chapter 3: Eye in Design. Gis and rashguards are no longer just martial arts uniforms that you purchase. There’s the fashion aspect which makes the landscape of the entire industry a bit tricky. We’ll also discuss what are the possible considerations when it comes to designing your gis.

Chapter 4: Sampling and Finding the Right OEM. Before you could even announce your very first gi, you want to find a reliable company that you can depend on. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to check samples, and discriminate the good from the bad OEM factories.

Chapter 5: Online Marketing Tricks and selling your gear. How do you plan on using the World Wide Web to sell your products? In this chapter, we’ll discuss tricks that have been proven to convert customers into buyers, followers and even fanboys.

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