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Unstoppable: How to Overcome Self-Sabotage in Your Business & Life

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As I have built my business it has often been mindset issues which have slowed me down more than not knowing how to do something in a practical sense. Even in life in general I was hesitant to try things because I was fearful of the results - it's only as I have worked through issues of self-sabotage that I have seen remarkable changes happen in my own life.

Many of us struggle with self-sabotage and it's an area I have been writing about, and working with clients individually on, for a long time. It's now time to bring the understanding I have reached on this to a wider audience.‚Äč

Do You Struggle With Any of the Following?

  • Fear of what people will think of you, or that they will judge you harshly?
  • You get stuck in a perfection loop, never hitting launch while you fiddle with the finer details!
  • Feeling like it's all been said and done before - and therefore why would anyone want to hear from you?
  • Feeling overwhelmed so you either rush madly from one thing to another or procrastinate like crazy - in whatever format procrastination takes for you, maybe vacuuming out your jewelry box or continually refreshing Facebook!
  • Paralysed by the thought that your launch has been a flop, without really knowing the numbers.
  • Scared of the fact that you might try and fail.
  • Scared that you might try and succeed beyond your wildest dreams and then what will that mean for you?
  • Unable to set good boundaries with your clients or even within your business, for example in the hours you are working.
  • Feel that any success you have had so far is a fluke and generally feeling unworthy of success.
If you recognize yourself in any of these then my book will help you to explore the issues and then offer solutions which will move you forward - whether in business or in life. Self-sabotage can limit us in so many ways but it is possible to move past it.

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