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How to Be Successful at Interviews: An In-Depth Guide on Interviewing, Answering Questions, and Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Want to Interview Powerfully to Impress the Hiring Manager and Get the Job? Read on.
Interviews have developed a reputation for being the hardest part of the job application process because they cover a lot of ground. And it’s not entirely knowable what the interviewer will ask or respond favorably to.

By the time you get to the interview, your prospective employer has already confirmed that you meet the job’s requirements. Now they want to get to know you, gauge how you’d do in the role, and compare you with the other remaining applicants.

With certain positions, companies can interview 20-30 candidates, making the interview process highly competitive. It’s absolutely essential to find a way to stand out.

The answer lies in building your interviewing skill set and adequately preparing for each interview. “How to Be Successful at Interviews” shows you how to do this like a pro.

When you feel good about your level of ability and preparation, you inevitably become more confident. And it shows. You’re more relaxed and think more clearly, craft more persuasive answers, and present more powerfully… all for much better results.

“How to Be Successful at Interviews” was written by Ernest Enabulele. Ernest is a director of CV Interview Services with over 10 years of experience in interview coaching and CV makeover. He takes pride in his high success rate for helping clients get hired.

This guide will completely prepare you to ace your next interview. In “How to Be Successful at Interviews,” you ́ll discover: 

  • What hiring managers and HR professionals want you to know and prepare before showing up
  • Preparing effectively and efficiently so you don't get bogged down or overlook anything critical
  • How to introduce yourself to make a strong first impression
  • Understanding the differences between traditional and competency-based interviews
  • Strategies and methodologies for impactfully answering the most frequently asked interview questions
  • How to handle tricky questions to avoid ruling yourself out as a candidate or limiting your upside potential (e.g. salary question)
  • Questions you should ask to demonstrate your preparation and qualities, while eliciting interesting information and discussion
  • How to do a detailed professional inventory and craft powerful stories about what you’ll bring to the role
  • Reading the interviewer and adopting your responses to ensure a favorable impression
  • Research methods to adequately understand the company and what’s expected of you
Some people avoid sufficient interview preparation thinking that it will take too much time or won’t make enough of a difference.

Ernest’s clients tell a different story. Many didn’t have much luck, initially. After committing to building the skills and preparing for individual interviews, they saw huge returns from their efforts.

The best news? It doesn’t take as much time as you think it will.

“How to Be Successful at Interviews” provides targeted exercises and information for the most important things you need to get right. It’s thorough to ensure you get what you need, but not overly demanding.

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