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I'm Saving For... Motivational Smartphone Wallpapers

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When you're trying to save money, it's a good idea to regularly remind yourself why. 

And, if you've got a specific goal in mind, it can help to keep you on track while you're saving.

So why not change the wallpaper on your phone to give you a motivational boost every time you look at it?

Having your savings goal on your screen may make you reconsider any online purchases and it might even help you to achieve your goal sooner by keeping your target at the forefront of your mind.

I've created a pack of smartphone backgrounds that you can download and set as your screensaver or wallpaper. There are plenty of motivational options to choose from, all in minimalist shades of grey and cream:

I'm saving for...
My dream wedding
My education
Travel + adventures
My dream home 
My business idea
Financial Freedom
My family's future
My retirement

Best of luck with your saving journey - I hope these motivational phone backgrounds will be helpful for you.
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