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Music & Video Appreciation Worksheets

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This lesson is very teacher friendly and can be used with guidance, for multiple levels.

1. Listen to a song or watch a video short together. Tell the students to relax and enjoy. Play a selected portion.

2. Ask the whole class the questions on the worksheet. As a class, brainstorm the answers and record on the board.

3. Distribute the worksheet. In pairs or individually, students listen to 4 songs (chosen by the teacher or recommended by students) and as they listen fill in the chart.

4. After the song/video, students in groups, discuss and compare.  Time permitting, share answers as a class.

This is a great lesson to compare songs within a genre (pop, country, rock, jazz, classical) or to compare songs in different musical genres.  Includes a video for use in an alysing music genres and filling out the worksheets. Also - commercial analysis worksheets. Students watch 4 commercials (video included) and fill out to analyze the commercial. 

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