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Picture Writing Prompts Student Book


Zen And The Act Of Teaching


My Octopus Teacher


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Teaching English Presentations Beginner to Int.


Top 100 Youtube Videos + Resources


Stand Up. Sit Down. General quiz game.


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The Present - A Video Lesson


Dear Alex. Advice writing activity book


Discuss It. Global Issues. Society.


All About Canada. Canada Fun Facts.


Social Media. Discussion. Video Lesson.


Let's Learn To Print Student Workbook


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ELT Buzz Teaching Resources has been providing teachers with high quality materials, lessons, printables and professional development since 2005 (formerly EFL Classroom 2.0).  Teachers helping teachers. 

Our pledge is to help you get the printables you need, that work for you in class to help you and your students succeed. Want to access ALL the products here? It's easy - just purchase a subscription.