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Sexyching - Part I - Extended Edition with Purport and Aspectarian

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25.|::||| No virgins in town. Pestilence. Who's that? Be careful not to implode, yo. Travel nay.
26.|||::| The labour of love? Academic zodiac synastry: fealty with love: desert rose. Divorce.
27.|::::| Venus and Mars get together at times; but some-other-times they seep ::||:: back to back.
28.:||||: Young wife like 30 years younger. Weird friends. Last friends. Self-sufficient. (?)
29.:|::|: Shove me the way to the next whiskey bar. Watson's stag party: married as drunk.
30.|:||:| Blonds have more fun. Love burns over the Internet. Light my fire. See you in hell.
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