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Lanterns: Alpha Demo Decks

Lanterns: Alpha Demo Decks

About Lanterns: The War of the Lights, Unofficial & Unauthorized Print N’ Play
Lanterns: The War of the Lights, Unofficial & Unauthorized Print N’ Play is a Print N’ Play sci-fi style, top-down, action/adventure, unofficial and unauthorized group of fan created card games based on the DC Comics Green Lantern propriety. It currently consists in a couple of games that are still under development. Lanterns: The War of the Lights is developed by Justich Fan Productions. Find it at

What you'll need
 Some tokens (this can be anything, from pennies to popcorn. We suggest something non-edible)
 The 2-Player Starter Deck Pack
 A printer
 Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer installed on your computer.

Instructions for printing
1) Download the 2-Player Playing Card Pack.
2) Print onto cardstock (preferred) or regular paper.
i) The card game pack is set up for double-sided printing, if your printer has that feature. Choose “Flip on long edge” to print both sides simultaneously.
ii) If your printer does not have double-sided printing, in order to get cards that are printed on both sides, you can choose to print only the odd pages first, reverse-order the pages, then place them back into the printer and print the even pages.
iii) If your paper is lightweight, I suggest you print single-sided only and glue two pages together before cutting.
iv) Color printing is highly recommended.
(As all printer setups differ, I cannot provide much troubleshooting with this step. If you're having issues, contact someone you know who you think can resolve it locally)
3) Once printed, cut out all your cards. Try to give them a uniform appearance.
4) You're ready to play!

Welcome to Lanterns: Alpha Demo Decks
The Lanterns: Alpha Demo Decks features characters mostly from the 2016 DC Rebirth Event comics up to now. Alpha Demo Decks is the first series of cards and features 28 different cards. It was released in July 2017 on the Lanterns: The War of the Lights Facebook page and features Green Lantern Corps vs. Sinestro Corps displayed as a Print N'Play 62 Cards Two-Player Starter Set.


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