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Pico-Game Library

The complete collection of all 10 pico-games by Joe Greathead (+1 extra game).

(Click on preview above to check out Crosswalk of Death in full!)

Crosswalk of Death - A 2+ player game about challenging your creativity and a fear of crossing the street.

Quoth the Raven - A 2-player game based on The Crow. Avenge your loved ones and return to the other side.

The Magic Word - A 2 player game where you give Dennis Nedry a second chance at getting off the island of Isla Nubar.

Copy, Control - A 2+ player game where you play as a Judge in the Year of Our Lord, 2000.

Intelligent Machinery - A 3-player game to simulate the most confusing Turing Test ever.

Crew Expendable - A 2-player game where you have to escape an incredible monster.

Begin Recording - A 1-player game where you'll either get in trouble or start a very odd way of logging events.

in-com-plete - A 3+ player game about welcoming a monster to the neighborhood.

Be Kind, Rewind - A 3+ player collaborative story telling game that works in reverse.

Good Neighbors - A 1-player spy game.

Beat Down (bonus!) - A 2-player game about rapping and rhyming.

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