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Zombie Markets 1929-2026

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Jupiter in Cetus || as seen from the White House on Valentine 2023: as in 2012 and
As aforesaid, these are the real positions of the planets: no non-sensei. Venus rolls
within a treacherous embrace against foamy Neptune, as at birth; but not as nearly so
deadly as on the November eclipse where it stoops down as Galadriel before Sauron, in
temporary adoration of Niku apocalypse now: the devil's Star Unuk-al-Hai has drawn all
the powers of the eclipse through its convenient ally: Venus. In military horoscopes,
metal planet NIKH always means attack. All is unfair in love and war. Always.

Antediluvian bad weather, indeed; true air raids.

Watery saturnine influences as stirring Pandora's box adrift from below.

Aquatic horse races, indeed... for the months ahead: cetacean as a matter of fact.

Real Estate matters.

Typically; occupied territory: stays so.

Niku 2011 KT19 2022-11- 8 7h40m
Magnitude: 22.0
Phase: 1 °
Distance: 29.8005 au
Solar Distance: 28.9697 au
Solar Elongation: 32°

J2000 RA: 15h42m57.96s DE:+13°31'15.5"
Date RA: 15h44m02.17s DE:+13°26'58.6"

White House 5 2022-11-8 7h40m ( TU + -5h00m )
Sideral Time : 10h42m
Hour Angle : 18h58m
Azimuth :+88°21'
Altitude :+19°43'

Rise : 5h56m Azimuth:+72°08'
Culmination : 12h44m
Set : 19h31m Azimuth:+287°52'
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