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Financial Escapade

Like Chess, every move we make in life have consequences. The effects of the consequences are vastly dependent on the choices made, or even "not made". 

Financial Escapade exposes the little acknowleged secrets of the wealthy whilst practically evoking practical programs and strategies to accomplish amassing a fortune if applied or taken seriously. This Guide is more or less a workbook, a workbook that may assist you to appreciate the power of recognizing powerful businesses and partnering with them to make a significant profit, whilst the business bloom.

Take into consideration Amazon. This company has acquisitions in multiple million dollar companies since 1998 to 2017 and companies include Alexa internet, Geo works, Zappos etc. Approximately fifty (50)+ companies are all acquired by amazon or amazon partners with them to earn a percentage of their profits.

Do amazon specialize in the expertise of each company they have partnered with or acquired? No! They did not or do not specialize, However they are no longer limitated by their own ability to understand the intricacies of an operation in order to profit immensely from their day to day operations. They earn immensely from the success of the companies, and it's quite clear that amazon's billions are not from it's eCommerce platform "ONLY".

You may never thought of that business model before however in financial escapade be prepared to learn how you can imitate what amazon does to a smaller degree, but with an extremely profitable outcome for your financial future.

This eBook is not aimed to showcase a luxury life hype! But a practical honest approach to transforming your life regardless if you own a business or in a Job. It all doesn't matter what position you are it's where you intend to go. Let's lock hands as we take you on a Journey to your new life.

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