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The Traitors Of Arnhem - Bilderberg origins - Allied/Nazi treachery in the endgame of World War Two - by Tony Gosling (100 pages)

Sept 1944 'Bridge Too Far' Arnhem battle and bringing of Hitler's treasurer Martin Bormann to England in May 1945 at the end of WWII (Oct 2020)

This seemingly unstoppable thirst for war rather betrays the pre-war concept of covert support for Nazi Germany as a buffer against Soviet communism from Wall Street and UK fascists. Key pro-Nazis in 1930s England were Edward VIII and Bank of England governor Montague Norman.
Field Marshal Montgomery's concept behind MARKET-GARDEN was a sound one, to obtain a bridgehead over the Lower Rhine would have seeded panic in German defences and supply lines, and by directly threatening Germany's industrial heartland, likely brought the war to a speedy conclusion.
However, several enormous operational errors, which in light of more recent events may be considered sabotage, diverted field officers and the overall operation from the original plan.
Only one drop was attempted per day, two were requested by Brereton to make best use of good weather [Williams]
Paratroopers were dropped many miles from their objectives, forsaking the vital element of surprise [Monty and Browning]
Photo-reconnaissance and Dutch underground reports of SS panzers lurking within easy reach of Arnhem was ignored [Monty and Browning]
1st Airborne's radios didn't work properly due to jamming, or faulty crystals
Failure of senior field officer to drop with main objective division [Browning]
82nd Airborne was diverted from Nijmegen bridges to Groesbeek [Browning]
Gavin's Mon 18th Nijmegen Bridge night assault was called off [Browning]
Failure to drop supplies of water, food, ammunition etc to Oosterbeek or Arnhem despite regular 1st Airborne situation reports received [Browning]
Refusal of air-landing reinforcements: 52nd Lowland Division and 6th Airborne Division entrained in UK and ready to drop in [Browning]
Failure to mobilise Grenadier or Irish Guards tanks or 130th Brigade of the 43rd Infantry Division for final drive to Arnhem [Horrocks]
Polish brigade wasted. Could have been dropped just South of Arnhem bridge etc. but were not sent in until after bridge had fallen to the enemy [Browning]

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