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Graphite Pencil Guide with BOOT CAMPS

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Graphite Pencil Guide with BOOT CAMPS

Graphite pencil the most common drawing tool However, understanding about pencils and pencil shading techniques can help take drawings from good to great. This resource features insights into the media and a series of boot camps.


· Types of Pencils

· Graphite Art Pencils

· Types of Erasers

· Blending and Sharpening Tools

· Ways to Hold a Pencil

· Boot Camps

1. Graphite Pencil Techniques

2. Value Scales

3. Shading Spheres

4. Shading Cylinders

5. Shading Geometric Solids

6. 3D Hand

7. Pencil Shavings


FORMAT: 20 page PDF

You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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