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The All About Clay STUDENT HANDBOOK with Chapter Questions and Answer Key

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The All About Clay Student Handbook with Chapter Review Questions
Plus Review Questions Answer Key

Formats: Includes both PDF and PowerPoint

The All About Clay Student Handbook is a great resource to use in the ceramics classroom. It is a handy student-friendly digital "textbook" with activities you can use to introduce ceramics concepts and review key understandings. It has chapter review questions and variety of different clay puzzle/activities which also make it great for emergency sub plans. 

The “All About Clay Student Handbook” is a 100-page resource with informative text, diagrams & photos, project ideas, chapter review questions, clay puzzles and more. There is a separate answer key that goes with the handbook.

This book is organized into chapters, each one focusing on different aspects of ceramics including
1. Studio Guidelines
2. Attributes of Clay
3. Tools & Equipment
4. Clay Forming Methods
5. Glazing & Firing
6. Ceramics Design.
7. Clay Puzzles and Activities

Want to preview the book? Click on this link to check out a PREVIEW the first edition of this RESOURCE

NOTE: Other books in the "All About Clay Series" include 
  • CLAY MATTERS and SPEAKING OF CLAY that have some of the same info that it is in this book, but also have lots of additional information to help ceramics teachers and their students.
  • CLAY STUDIO TIPS: Over 100 tips for the ceramics studio or classroom. 

FORMAT: PDF and PowerPoint

HANDBOOK: 100 pages
ANSWER KEY: 27 pages

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (31MB)
  • PDF (4MB)
  • PPTX (57MB)
  • PPTX (7MB)

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D. D.

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

all about clay student handbook

Wonderful resource!

Alexis M.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago


What I’ve been looking for for years! Glad I stumbled upon this workbook. I’ll be using this often in the future ! Thank you 😊

Helen A.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Fantastic resource!!!!

This resource ticks all the boxes!! It is comprehensive, informative, well-presented, easy to understand and easy to well as being value for money!! It can be used to review concepts, has loads of amazing ideas and can be used to help students learn and apply important vocabulary. I highly recommend this quality resource!!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Excellent resource

This is an excellent resource ! I am very impressed with the professional look, the amount of material and handouts I got and the usefulness in the classroom. Excellent !

Sara G.

Verified Buyer

2 years ago


This is a wonderful resource for anyone who teaches ceramics! I have been working with clay since 1988 (in college) and teaching ceramics since 1991...This book is loaded with important and relevant information to pass along to students of all grades and all experience levels. I LOVE IT!