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Clay Games & Puzzles for the Ceramics Classroom

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Clay Games & Puzzles for the Ceramics Classroom BUNDLE

  1. CLAY & SCULPTURE GAMES: 20 Fun. Collaborate Ceramics Class Activities & Challenges to Engage Students at the Beginning, Middle or End of the Year Want to give students an engaging intro clay experience, help students connect with one another and work collaboratively? This resource lists and describes 20 different challenges that are great activities to start a class with, do in the middle of the course to review learning and/or do at the end of the year to show growth.Format: PDF (29 pages)
  3. CERAMICS PUZZLES are a great way to familiarize and reinforce clay vocabulary. This resource includes a series of 8 fun ceramics puzzles. They can be used to reinforce ceramics vocabulary at the start or end a lesson or have as backup sub plans. Activities include 2 Clay Vocab Crossword Puzzles. a Ceramics Word Search, a Ceramics Anagram Challenge. a Ceramics Word-Finder Challenge, a True or False Clay Challenge and the wacky Pottery Puns and Jokes Challenge. Answer key is included.Format: 2 PDFs (Activities Resrouce 21 pages with Answer Key 11 pages)

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