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 Paperback Book

The All About Clay Student Handbook with Chapter Review Questions

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The All About Clay Student Handbook is a great resource to use in the ceramics classroom. It is a handy student-friendly digital "textbook" with activities you can use to introduce ceramics concepts and review key understandings. It has chapter review questions and variety of different clay puzzle/activities which also make it great for emergency sub plans. 

The “All About Clay Student Handbook” is a 100-page resource with informative text, diagrams & photos, project ideas, chapter review questions, clay puzzles and more. There is a separate answer key that goes with the handbook.

This book is organized into chapters, each one focusing on different aspects of ceramics including
1. Studio Guidelines
2. Attributes of Clay
3. Tools & Equipment
4. Clay Forming Methods
5. Glazing & Firing
6. Ceramics Design.
7. Clay Puzzles and Activities

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The All About Clay STUDENT HANDBOOK with Chapter Questions and Answer Key


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