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CLAY MATTERS: A Go-To Guide for Ceramics Teachers and Students
by Tracy Fortune 

Are you a new-ish ceramics teacher looking for insights into working with clay that will help you be a better teacher? Are you an experience teacher that wants student-friendly material to share with your students? 
Clay Matters covers everything from getting started with clay, to firing and reclaiming clay. There are ideas, tips, descriptions, and step-by-step instructions for clay-forming techniques, glazing, and decorating methods, as well as suggestions for delving into the creative process. Eye-catching pages with lots of diagrams and images give this resource broad appeal. Teachers, ceramists, and students, from novice to experienced, will love owning this handy resource. There are lots of student-friendly pages that teachers can incorporate into their lessons and more in-depth pages to help teachers and advanced students broaden their knowledge.

100 pages

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