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Ceramics PowerPoint BUNDLE (unlimited access to clay powerpoints))

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Ceramics PowerPoint Bundle 

Get unlimited access to 18+ ceramics powerpoints

Save time by adding these powerpoints to your collection of clay resources for teaching a wide variety of units, including pinch pot, slab, coil, multi-technique, theme and the attributes of clay. You will have access to the whole collection with one code. You can edit the files to suit your style and project requirements.Here are some that are available. 
  • Attributes of Clay
  • Creative Coil Vessels
  • Sgrafitto Boxes
  • Fun-Shaped Boxes
  • Creative Bookends
  • Melted Glass in Clay
  • Pinch Pot Windchimes
  • Clay Zentangles
  • Clay Sets
  • Domed Cylinders
  • Crazy Legged Pinch Pot Characters
  • Functional PInch Pots
  • Ceramic Masks
  • Contemporary Issues Ceramic Sculptures
  • Dome Lidded Pinch Pot Containers
  • Pinch Pot Pets
  • Human Form Sculptures
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (509KB)
  • PDF (7MB)

Customer Reviews

Barb B.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Wow. This is a great collection of powerpoints.

This series has lots of great project ideas and make prepping for new units easier.

Wheel Pottery Tools Poster


Kiln Firing Chart Poster


2 - Human Form Sculptural Clay Inspirations


Clay and Glaze Chemistry Handouts


Anatomy of a Clay Vessel


5 - Contemporary Issues Sculptural Ceramic Ideas


Clay Artwork Steps Poster


Pinch Pot Inspirations


Creative Ceramic Bookends PowerPoint with Artwork Planning Sheets


Sculptural Clay Inspirations: 100s of Ceramic Artworks Ideas Organized by Theme/Subject