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Sylva Sylvarum (piano score PDF)

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Sylva Sylvarum — Greg Harradine

Solo piano score. Listen on YouTube.

Key: B-flat major

Duration: approx. 2:50

Grade/level: 6, late intermediate

5 pages. 76 bars total.

Sylva Sylvarum represents a new structural concept I've come up with. Meaning "forest of forests", I lifted the phrase from the title of a book by Francis Bacon, posthumously published back in the heady days of 1626. The title brought to my mind a possible three-part structure:

1. Entering the forest

2. Reaching a clearing (a moment of clarity)

3. Departing the forest

Musically, this consists of an opening section with a sense of gathering momentum, a central section where we hear the main melodic theme of the piece, and a final section with a sense of movement again to bring the piece to a close.

I hope you enjoy it!

You will get a PDF (147KB) file