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Ultra Rare Just in Time Swag Pack

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"Get ready, bibliophiles and collectors! Your bookish hearts are about to skip a beat with the exclusive, ultra-rare Just in Time book swag pack.

Immerse yourself in the second chapter of a story that's stolen countless hearts with this unforgettable bundle. What's inside isn't just merchandise—it's your passport to an epic journey. Here's what awaits you:

1. A print paperback of 'Just in Time', the compelling sequel in the award-winning Out of Time series. A literary gem that deserves a special place on your bookshelf.

2. An enchanting 'I'll love you forever' pocket watch, a testament to the unending romance woven through these pages.

3. A distinctive vintage wallet, mirroring the classic charm of our timeless tale.

4. A sleek 'Just in Time' bookmark, ensuring you never lose your place in this riveting narrative.

5. A retro-inspired sticker, allowing you to carry a piece of this beloved series wherever you go.

This isn't just a limited-time offer—it's a rare opportunity to own a piece of literary enchantment. With only four of these swag packs in existence, it's as exclusive as it gets. Don't wait 'Just in Time', seize this moment, dive back into the world of the Out of Time series, and let your love for the story grow!"

P.S. Did you see that "sister" swag pack for Out of Time?