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Music Theory In Plain English

Did you learn to play by ear, but never really learned the theory behind what you're doing? Have you been frustrated and intimidated by other music theory books? Look no further. Professional touring musician Kris Farrow gives you a crash course in basic music theory! Only the essential things you *need* to know, presented in an easy to understand, conversational way. No reading music required!

You will *actually* be able to *understand*:

  1. Notes
  2. Intervals
  3. Scales
  4. Chords (triads and 7th chords)

Don't take my word for it- here is a Forward to "Music Theory In Plain English", written by Austin Davis (banjo player, Josh Abbott Band):


Just wanted to get that out of the
way. I can say that with absolute confidence because, if you’re like
me, you’ve already gone through
multiple books on theory that didn’t
have anywhere near the effect that you thought they would on you
musically and that’s why you got this
one. If you haven’t done that, then…
well obviously this is better than anything else you’ve read.

Music theory can be very intimidating,
and it almost always is when
published. Every time I’ve gone
through a book (or gotten a little
bit in and given up), I always think
to myself, “Man, there’s SO much I
don’t know.” This book was so
refreshing because Kris’s goal was to
actually TEACH music theory. It’s not
pretentious, it’s not intimidating, it
is encouraging. So many times I read
over something, looked up of the pages
and thought, “Holy #?*! that’s what
that is!!”

Music theory does not have to be
difficult to learn and this book is
absoluteproof of that. Kris has such
an amazing way of explaining things
without overloading you with a lot
of useless information. Trust me, I
play banjo and so if I can learn
from this book anyone can.

When I found out Kris was writing this
book I was ecstatic and was actually
allowed to read the hand written rough
draft (I’ve had it for months and I
still use it on the road for

Now this book isn’t full of cheat
codes, but it will show you everything
you need to know in order to learn
everything you want to know. I hope
this book is as encouraging to you as
it was and is to me.


-Austin Davis (banjo, Josh Abbott Band)

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$ 10.00

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