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Party Hats for Sweet Minotaurs (An Obscure Academy Story)

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True feelings come to light when a minotaur plans a birthday party.

When Sage's birthday plans fall through, she's disappointed, but at least the handsome minotaur who lives in her flat is willing to lend her a supportive ear. If only she could stop thinking about if they could be more. 

Castor's feelings for Sage have been growing with every passing moment, so when he has the chance to throw the witch a birthday party, he throws himself into it. 

Can the two of them come together over cake and party hats?

Party Hats For Sweet Minotaurs is a light-hearted witch academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It features a witch with disappointing birthday plans and a minotaur venturing into party planning. 

If you enjoy upbeat and light-hearted paranormal romances with new adult characters, an academy/university setting, guaranteed happy endings, and quirky supernaturals, start the Obscure Academy today!

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