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Viktoria SLWC Incident at the Restaurant with Toe Licking Foot Play (HD 1920 X 1080)

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Viktoria thinks she's "all that" because she has appeared in a couple of indy films. Now she sits in a restautant in her little black dress cooling her one skyscraper heel while her other leg is casted after an accident on her latest film, waiting for her agent to arrive. She's a full diva with attitude to match. Her latet victim is the poor clumsy waitress who is a bit star struck and can't seem top do anything right. Worse yet she bumps into Viktoria's casted aching leg multiple times prompting her to get up and scream at her. Finally, a clearly miffed Viktoria puts her casted foot on the restaurant table to get it out of harms way but she is self-conscious about it. But even that is not enough to protect her ex[posed toes from this bungling server. She ends up spilling water on Viktoria's casted foot and toes, and when she moves to clean her toes off with her dirty rag instead Viktoria commands the meek waitress to lick it off her toes. The poor wiatress complies and is so stunned that when she leaves Viktoria she trips and falls to the ground in her clogs apparantly spraining her own ankle. Viktoria just sares at her bemused. Her casted foot still propped up on the table. Check out this interesting story cast clip featuring two sexy favorites.
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