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…you could make passive income while you sleep? In your own home?

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Why You Need This Course

Interested in learning how to make music income with Stock Licensing, Micro-Sync, and the backend Content ID that comes along with that?

Why continue to sit on the fence about licensing? Do you have songs that are just sitting on your hard drive but you don't think they are right for TV, Film, or Advertising?

This course, like the eBook it was developed from, helps you understand the stock and micro-sync licensing industry as it exists TODAY, in 2023, not as it WAS in 2014 or even a few years ago.

Want to see behind the scenes of each library, what it's really like to be a contributor to and make music income from Pond5, Motion Array, SongTradr, Identifyy, AudioSparx, Motion Elements, and many other libraries, sites, and income earners that pay me every month?

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"As I move forward in the course I am learning something new from every video..."

"My first introduction to stock music was from watching a video Eric made on Make Music Income about Pond 5. Using the information from that video and his ebook "The Stock Market" I uploaded my first songs to Pond 5.

I was extremely excited to see that Eric created a video course detailing the information in the book. I am more of a visual learner and his easily accessible style enabled me to absorb the information quickly.

As I move forward in the course I am learning something new from every video. I would highly recommend "The Stock Market" course if you want to make music income and accelerate your earning potential." 

Shane Jensen, Musician and Composer

Las Vegas, NV

Find Out About Every Library and Site

While some of this information has been in the various versions of the eBook version, this is a brand new, fresh course!

It not only talks in detail about each library in separate modules that I can update, it goes BEHIND THE SCENES in each library, site, and service, so YOU can see what's like to be an music contributor on many different levels.

I also share how I make music income from each library, site, and service so you can get a sense of what YOU can make.

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"Definitely worth it for anyone looking for concrete numbers and tips..."

This course was and is exactly the right thing for me as a kick-off to this topic! It's as if I'm sitting next to Eric Copeland and he's explaining his world to me.

It gave me an overview and the best tips from his experience with real insights behind the scenes. Definitely worth it for anyone looking for concrete numbers and tips.

Andreas Koegel, Composer, Musician


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The Stock Market Course (Advanced Version)

Get the full finished course, PLUS BONUS content that is NOW LIVE!
  • Edited Bonus Material. You'll find all the videos that have made the Make Music Income channel successful, but have edited them for quick viewing of more in-depth info you need on sites like Pond5, Motion Array, Content ID and more!
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The Stock Market Course (Advanced Version) Plus Coaching


Get "The Stock Market (Advanced Version)" as well as a one hour Zoom call with composer, producer, and educator Eric Copeland to answer any of your questions about the course, OR just to talk about your music direction, income streams, and more.

This is a $270 value!

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Course Curriculum

Here are the chapters and an in-depth table of contents for what you will learn.

  • 1
    The Opening Bell
  • 2
    3. Opening The Stock Markets (Libraries, Sites, and More)
    • Intro to the Libraries
    • Start with Pond5
    • Motion Array
    • SongTradr
    • Identifyy
    • AudioSparx
    • Crucial Music
    • Motion Elements
    • The Music Case
    • 100 Audio
    • 123RF
    • AudioJungle
    • Dreamstime
    • Infinity Music
    • Jamendo
    • VFineMusic
    • Yummy Sounds
    • Music Supervisor Pro
    • Music-Bay
    • Music Revolution
    • Deposit Photos
    • Other Libraries/Mid-Tiers
  • 3
    4. Insider Info Before the Final Bell
    • Drawing the Line: Content ID and PRO Libraries
  • 4
    The Close of the Stock Market
    • The Start
    • Links to Other Great Resources
  • 5
    BONUS MATERIAL: In-Depth Focused Videos
    • Start Licensing Your Music with Pond5
    • How to Sell Your Music on Motion Array
    • Content ID Income with Identifyy
    • Songtradr Music Licensing Opportunities
    • Music Licensing with AudioSparx
    • Crucial Music: a Non-Exclusive Sync Library