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Winds of Magic (Mage of Storm and Sea #1)

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After a terrible mistake in his youth, Esavas Daruvias has found peace and belonging at the secluded Tower as a Master of weather magic, vowed to celibacy, self-mastery, and non-violence.

Then, without warning, the troubles of the past resurface to disrupt his quiet life. The Mardavian Islands are threatened by a mage rebellion led by a mage with strange and terrible powers - his sister Rayaluna, the person hurt the most by his long-ago mistake. Though hidden away at the Tower for more than twelve years and sworn to a life of peace, Esavas is conscripted by the crown prince to help put a stop to the rebellion.

Distrusted by the king, caught between the king's and the prince's conflicting aims, baffled by his sister's impossible powers, and bound by his oath to never raise a hand in violence, Esavas must find a way to counter Rayaluna's terrifying magic and save the people of the Islands - and Rayaluna herself - from her destructive madness, even at the risk of his own soul.

A new adventure in the world of the Wildings saga, set in the Islands of Silas's mage ancestors.

Note: Winds of Magic is Book 1 of Mage of Storm and Sea, an epic fantasy series with a prominent romantic storyline in the later books. There will eventually be an HEA for the characters, but they have to work for it first! In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy getting to know Esavas, the hero of the series.

Contains strong language, violence, and mature subject matter, including sexual references and content.

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