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Far-Infrared Clay Detox Wrap Course for Clinic & Home Use Learn how to use clays and Far-Infrared for transdermal detox and healing

The idea of mineral healing is not a new one. People all over the world have been using salts, muds and clays for healing for thousands of years, with amazing results. Since this course is all about clay healing, I will focus on clay.

The first medicinal use of clay tablets was documented in Mesopotamia 2500 years ago. However, there is every reason to believe that clay was used by even more ancient relatives to treat wounds and for other forms of healing. 

History has records of clays being used to improve the skin and to deal with all sorts of ills by ancient Egyptians. In fact, Cleopatra used to be a major proponent of clay masks, mud body wraps and healing seawater baths. 

Alexander the Great used to make his soldiers take clay with them during the times of his military conquests in order to quell diarrhoea, heal wounds and keep hunger at bay (they used to eat clay to do it).

Our ancestors used to eat clay for the same reasons, as well as in order to replenish minerals in the body. This especially applied to pregnant women at the time they needed large quantities of such minerals as calcium and magnesium.

Clay was issued as a ration to soldiers in France and Russia during World War I in order to keep food and water poisoning to a minimum and to prevent stomach infections from spreading. Clays were used to stop such things as sepsis and gangrene. 

More recently, French doctors successfully treated flesh-eating Buruli ulcers with green clay.  Madame Line Brunet de Courssou was a pioneer in the use of green clay to treat these horrific ulcers. 

Later, scientists discovered that green clay could destroy MRSA bacteria where antibiotics were failing. 

I have just read that there has been an increase in Buruli in Australia as recently as April 2018. I just hope that they remembered about the experiences of the previous doctors who treated the infection with clay. 

The focus of this course is on the transdermal detox – from heavy metals and other toxins, by using clay and Far-Infrared. 

The treatment was created by myself based on years of research into healing powers of clays which I have been using for quite a number of years. I love clay. It’s simple and yet so potent.

Having devised the treatment I decided to create a course in order to train others in what I have learned over the years about this wonderful mineral and also to help better understand how clays worked and how they can be used to help us live healthier lives.

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