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KISS FOREX : How to FOREX Trade out of Recession 50pips/Day (Keep It Simple Stupid Lessons)

Words are not enough to express how proud I am for being Greek and I hope my sadness for the situation my country is into, never gets a physical form because if it was color, would have painted black the mountains of the world.

On the other hand, I’m optimistic that with systematic efforts to exceed ourselves on all levels, us Greeks will soon manage to get out of the Darkness and shine showing the world that new beginnings can be founded on the pure essence of spirit wired by the dynamics of a magnificent soul.

Publishing this Book about FOREX TRADING has been a dream of mine secretly kept in my heart for long. So here I am, a constant student of the Markets, the psychology of the Traders and the Magic of Mathematics, ready to share what I’ve learned and exchange experiences and ideas with other Forex Enthusiasts.

What about You?

Are you FOREX intimidated ? OK, maybe you don’t admit it openly. But just in case it would make you feel better, I must tell you that I had been FOREX-scared for more than four years ! Although I was amazed by its power and all the elements that make FOREX Market the biggest and most liquid of all, I somehow felt so “little”, so inefficient to actually try to claim my tiny pips out of it. Till I realized that you don’t have to be a wash-machine engineer in order to use a wash-machine and get the cleanest laundry in the block ?

You may already be an experienced FOREX Trader, probably being here out of curiosity….which is fine. But being aware of the fact that most important things are simple, and we all tend to mess up with simple things just because we miss the BASICS, I decided to write this Book aiming to teach the BASICS to any newbie so that the broader vision comes naturally.

“One Thing I Know Is That I Don’t Know A Thing” ……Socrates

My motive? Global recession and the huge impact it has on my Country’s economy as well as in the lives of millions of people allover the world.

I’m stubborn enough to believe that there shouldn’t be poverty in the era of Internet.

Many times in the past, I found myself at the verge of bankruptcy due to poor choices and even poorer practices. But I always stood up ready for the next fight. Being a big believer of perseverance towards the pursuance of sustainable income, I couldn’t keep this knowledge I gained to myself.

I feel blessed for being able to grow stronger from the challenges I faced throughout the 22 years of my business ventures and for the wealth of experience I gained following the route of continuous improvement and training.

Now it’s my turn to give back and make other people feel blessed and happy enjoying the fruits of their efforts which will be possible thanks to the knowledge I’m sharing with them.

You don’t have to be a genius or a rocket scientist to make a comfortable living from FOREX TRADING alone. But the transition from your current career status to that of a Part-Time or Full-Time Forex Trader, must happen gradually and I’m explaining the necessary steps you have to make later on in the Book.

The thought that successful Forex Traders with amazing lifestyle were not better than me was hammering my mind over and over again while I was studying technical analysis. I just couldn’t accept that as an alibi for not trying.

I’m not a Financial Advisor, a Professional Trader, a Technical Analyst or an Economist. The book you’re reading is the compilation of knowledge I gained through studying, exploring, researching and experimenting with my LIVE Forex Accounts with four different Forex Brokers through a series of almost seven years.

Respecting you as much as I respect myself, I only included in here tips and info I’m absolutely certain of and I kept the Book’s price so low it won’t worth more than a Cinema Ticket. But if you act upon the information I’m giving you, this Book is going to be the Ticket to a New Life, the Life of your Dreams.

When I started with Forex, didn’t have the luck to be guided by someone who could actually explain to me in plain language what FOREX and technical analysis is about. Seeing is believing and doing is learning. We, human beings are by nature creatures of experience. We learn by practicing. Learning process starts by imitating and the more we practice the more we master whatever we’re practicing.

If you really want to learn FOREX TRADING, nothing and nobody can stop you from learning. Mastering it, is also totally up to you. Very few things in life can beat the excitement of watching pips pile up to your account….trust me! The masses of unsuccessful FOREX Traders, are people who don’t believe in themselves, are not determined to learn FOREX and they don’t know the BASICS or have very poor knowledge of them. Ancient Greeks were saying “half-knowledge is worse than no-knowledge at all”.

My fear of not getting the FOREX Education that would enable me to Trade with Confidence, kept me away from something I knew that would offer me an unparallel financial success and all kinds of freedom. You don’t have to go through this. This Book is designed to give you a GOOD UNDERSTANDING of FOREX TRADING and will enable you to START PROFITING FROM DAY #1.

I chose to use a Very Simple Language, avoiding the use of sophisticated and extremely technical terms. Being a fan of Paretto’s Principle, I adapted Book’s structure on the 20% of the Basic Knowledge, that will give you the 80% of Countable Results making you a successful Trader…if you put some commitment and effort to it.

This Book offers a comprehensive introduction to Forex Trading Basics to anyone who is determined to receive the proper Education before actually Trading FOREX. The Systems I’m presenting -and using- are NOT my own. I’m far from being a Professional Trader, a FOREX Technical Analyst, a Mathematician or a Financial Markets Expert. But I can assure you, that using these Systems first with a DEMO Account, and next with a LIVE one, you’ll share my enthusiasm, because you’ll start making profits, and you’ll know EXACTLY why. Most important, you’ll be able to REPEAT the process over and over being confident about your Trades. No more confusion, gambling or lucky guessing.

You’ll have discovered your FOREX ID and with these Robust Systems, you’ll decide when and why to Enter the Market as well as EXACTLY when to Exit, using the right Confirmation Tools….Profiting EVERY SINGLE DAY. But because the SYSTEMS presuppose a solid knowledge of their Basic Rules, I strongly recommend you go through the Entire Book before you test the waters.

For those of you, who would like to attend my FOREX Seminars there will be relevant updates at and there is a FOREX ENTHUSIASTS Community we’re building at you’re invited to. Sign-up for our Newsletter at to learn more. Before you ask, NO I don’t manage Accounts on behalf of clients. As soon as that changes, you’ll find the relevant announcement on my Forex Sites.

Wishing you Success !

Sofia Stavropoulou

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