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The Wyckham House (The Devil's Mansion Book 1)

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A dark tale of black magic, obsession, and the price of covenants with the fallen

The Wyckham House has stood for centuries, its origin unknown, its history black and bloody. Aaron Schaefer came away from his experience with “the devil’s mansion” with amnesia and an aversion to specific people…and to the full moon.

When Kimberly Owens’ father disappears in Aaron’s town, she gives no heed to the potential danger. Reckless and rash, armed only with a borrowed identity, a false sense of indestructibility, and a precognitive dream that leads her to Aaron, she breezes into town – only to find herself entangled in the sticky web of a black magic priest whose obsession with her grows with every passing day.

As Kimberly becomes inexplicably ill and all evidence indicates her father left town of his own accord, she delves into Aaron’s mysterious past, searching for clues to lead her to her father. All evidence points to the Wyckham House.

Only one man has gone there and returned alive. And even if Aaron could remember what happened to him, he doesn’t want to.

Because there are things worse than death.

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