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The Great Lie of Karate

...and 25 Other Riffs, Rants and Random Ideas about Karate

Straight from the world's most awesomest Karate blog in the universe, comes yet another long-awaited book from best-selling Karate author Jesse Enkamp; featuring some of the most popular hand-picked articles of on the art, science, knowledge and culture of Karate online.

"Hopefully, this book will not only make you learn a little and laugh a little, but furthermore think... a lot." - Jesse


Billy & the Banana: Karate's #1 Rule
"Dear Kata Critic..."
The 3 Methods of Approach & Where Karate Fails
The Stances of Karate: Form, Function & Footprints
Sanchin & the 4 Secrets of the Skill of Strength
Muda, Muri, Mura - The 3 M's of Karate
Chinkuchi - Another Exotic Okinawan Karate Word
Understanding the Angles of Karate: 45
The Broken Dojo Theory
Doing Techniques the Smard Way. Yes, Smard.
Staying Motivated When Training Karate Alone? The Guide.
On Ko Chi Shin
The 5 Universal Feedback Steps
"Body Type Karate" and Why It Doesn't Exist
Be Like Edible Crystalline Carbohydrates
Koujiki: The Educational Karate Game
My System: Karate-jutsu (pt. 1)
My System: Karate-jutsu (pt. 2)
"What Should I Be Focusing On?" - Karate Dilemma.
Ground Fighting in Karate - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
The Scientific Secret of Reigi - Bowing
Become a Master Teacher: I Dare You
How To Learn Karate in 10 Years
The Great Lie of Karate
Karate Myth Busting: The Secret Truth about Peasants & Karate
19 Foolproof Ways of Being a Completely Average and Unremarkable Karate-ka

Total # of pages: 312

WARNING! Strictly recommended for Karate Nerds™ only!

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