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The Unique Wholesale Suppliers

How, only a few companies like The Brand Outlet, Big Bucket Deals, Love My Makeup and The Makeup Sale are able to sell Cosmetics & Fragrance at super low prices?

The answer is simple because they can! and also make huge profits in doing so.
They buy their wholesale products for only $1.

Yes, that’s right, only $1.

Now, You must be thinking, HOW? on earth is this possible!

Let me Explain….

All of These companies buy their wholesale cosmetic products from very, “Unique Wholesale Suppliers,”
These wholesale suppliers are so rare, and difficult to find, that only a few people in the country know about them.

So that’s why you see only, select a few companies that are able to sell cosmetics and fragrance at super low prices.

These products are also known as “Parallel Imported Products”,
They are not damaged or expired as most people think they are.

They are just,


So, when you buy your Revlon lipstick for $12 in one of those makeup sales... and you think you got a bargain? well, the company just made a profit of 11 dollars or when you buy Davidoff Coolwater 125ml for $49 company makes $38.

These Companies sell, millions of dollars worth of cosmetics & fragrance throughout the year….
Now, Imagine how much money you can make if you had the contact details of these unique wholesale suppliers?

Hi, my name is Alex Harry. I am the owner of one of these companies called THE MAKEUP SALE.
Most of you may have visited our shops in Christchurch or Dunedin or may have been to one of our Makeup Sale Events that we organize in most cities in New Zealand.
I started this business 6 years ago with just $500, and in less than 3 years expanded the business, with sales of $5 million per year,
We were also in the Star-News Paper for the fastest growing retail chain of Cosmetics & Fragrance in the south island, New Zealand.

Now, I have decided to help those, who want to start their own profitable business from home and share my unique wholesale suppliers.

Just like you, I started this business from home and in less than 6 years my company was doing millions of dollars in sales, you don’t have to be an expert in cosmetics or fragrance,
all you need is an internet connection and small investment to do this business.

Before I started my business I lost thousands of dollars with suppliers that were just scams or frauds.
It took me nearly a year before I found a real supplier who was honest and talked to me over the phone many times before I put in my first order of just $500, and I started my cosmetics company.

In early days, I was selling at markets, and through our online store called
We were doing around $5000 to $6000 a month, We then started to do Makeup Sales Event (Pop-Up Stores) all over New Zealand where we were doing around $50,000 to $80,000 dollars in sales in only 5 days, Finally, we established the chain of permanent stores in the south island.

I created a successful business, not because I am a good salesperson or love cosmetics & fragrance, but because I had the best quality products, at the lowest prices in the town.

And now, you can do the same thing, and start your own journey in a highly profitable cosmetics business
from as little as $250 and grow the business, as I did...

To help you get started, in this highly profitable business of cosmetics and fragrance, I have written a book called "The Unique Wholesale Suppliers" 

In this book, You will find all secret information, about cosmetics & fragrance business that only very few people know in this country.

Like contact details of the unique wholesale suppliers, shipping company and customs brokers.

You will also get...

A step-by-step guide, to import products, it's so much easier than most people think,
And, also learn how to register your company and get GST number,
How to build your own professional e-commerce website for less than $100,
How to do email, and facebook marketing.

It doesn’t matter if your a big business owner or just starting out, you will definitely benefit from this the book.

Finally, once you get the book, I have given a complete blueprint, on how to sell cosmetics and make money, And other business secrets.

All you have to do, to start your highly profitable Cosmetics & Fragrance Business is get the book today!
The Unique Wholesale Suppliers

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