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The types of governments the students will review and add to their line of thinking are: anarchy, oligarchy, democracy, monarchy, republic, authoritarian, communist, dictatorship, socialism, totalitarian, theocracy, and technocracy.

There are two types of cards that can be printed. The first set has the type of government and definition on the front. The second set of flashcards has the type of government on the front and the definition on the back. Because the definition is on the back the students will be able to quiz each other on their knowledge.
There is also a little activity for the students to do in which they will surf the internet and write the name of a country that represents they type of government shown or being described. You will also find full page information on all the types of government and their function which is very handy for folders and journals.

Hope this helps in your classroom. :)

Thanks for viewing.

Total 17 pages.
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