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The Boer Wars - A Brief History

By Andrew Knight
Description...The Anglo-Boer Wars will introduce you to, one of the Victorian Wars of the British Empire. A bite size comprehensive account of the two Anglo-Boer Wars fought between 1880-1881 and 1899-1902. A fascinating tale of one of the bloodiest and expensive wars for over a century, which pitted the two Boer Republics of South Africa (Orange Free State and The Transvaal) against the might of the British Empire and her dominions. Five hundred thousand British and Commonwealth troops from many countries, against fifty thousand men from the South African states.

This book will discuss the political backdrop to the war, a history of the country and the key figures that shaped the conflict. Names such as Churchill, Kruger, Rhodes and Kitchener (of 'Your Country Needs you' fame) all had major influences. Other, familiar characters such as Ghandi, Baden-Powell, Kiplin and Conan Doyle also played parts. Learn what impact these people had, what they said and how the war shaped them.

How the Boer Nation’s guerrilla tactic was perfectly suited to the terrain? How the British tactics, the same for over a century were outdated, antiquated and ineffective. Tactics that are still employed today, such as firing from a concealed position and moving from cover to cover, whilst wearing clothing that blended into the terrain; They were employed brilliantly to devastating effect. Tactics that were not commonly used up until this point. Such crushing defeats that were inflicted on the British Empire from an inferior force, the Boers (Dutch for farmer).

The book will detail what battles were fought during the Anglo-Boer wars, including how the founder of the Boy Scouts commanded the siege of Mafeking and held out for 127 days. What significance the battle of Spion Kop had, fought to relieve the siege of Ladysmith and what Premier League Football Club has a stadium stand named after the battle?

What was the outcome of the conflicts and how did they shape the South African region thereafter? How was the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging on 31 May 1902, ceased hostilities and led South African on the road to Independence? What was the reaction back in Britain, discussing the political unrest and fallout from the employment of Concentration camps and the scorch earth policy?

This book is a brief history of the wars that is not complicated, will give you a comprehensive understanding of the war and the time. It is perfectly suited to the busy history enthusiast who does not have the time or the inclination to read a 1000 page tome on the wars. Enough facts to keep you entertained without investing considerable time or effort. All you need to know. Enjoy!

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